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iPhone SE 3 : 2022

iPhone se 3 2022

Apple is aiming to release an affordable iPhone SE in 2022 with a powerful inside, but the design may not alter significantly.

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Last time in 2020, after four years Apple upgraded the iPhone SE original model and came up with SE 2nd generation. Although people liked to call it the iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone SE 2. Whatever fan chit-chats it’s neither getting updated in this year’s quarter nor Apple will wait for the next four years to repeat the launching pattern for the most affordable iPhone.

For now, we expect the new iPhone to be called iPhone SE (2022), iPhone SE (3rd generation), or iPhone SE 3 to be released in the 1st quarter’s mid-next year. Here’s a rundown of all the latest rumors, leaks, and other information regarding Apple’s most inexpensive iPhone that we’ve been able to find. Everything is subject to change until Apple makes an official announcement.

As the subtitle says, the design of the iPhone SE 3rd generation will not differ from that of the existing iPhone SE. This implies the 4.7-inch LCD display and Touch ID Home Button will remain the same. Oh ya! No Face ID. The new iPhone SE will look similar to the present model. Now, that’s disappointing, because the iPhone SE is built on the body of the now-discontinued iPhone 8.

The primary selling point of the forthcoming iPhone SE is that it will be the most inexpensive 5G iPhone ever.

iPhone SE 3 2022

It’s uncertain if the iPhone SE can support mmWave 5G in addition to sub-6GHz frequencies. With the iPhone 12 mini now being the cheapest 5G iPhone at $699, people may expect the iPhone SE 3 to be less expensive, but it might not retain the current iPhone SE price of $399. The iPhone SE has always been equipped with the most modern Apple A-series CPU, which is also found in the most recent high-end iPhone models. That means a 3rd-generation iPhone SE released in the spring of 2022 would have the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13 released later this year. 

However, flashy new sensors are unlikely to result in significant increases in camera quality. Apple is likely to promote the new iPhone SE’s enhanced camera quality, although this will mostly be due to the A15’s superior visual processing over the A13 in the current 2nd-gen iPhone SE. 

The rumored iPhone SE Plus, which would be based on the iPhone 11 with Face ID, would most likely have a $100 value premium (putting it in the $499-599 range) and would most likely be dispatched in 2022 alongside the following iPhone SE, yet a few bits of hearsay demonstrate it will not be until 2023. Apple is likewise supposed to be dealing with a refreshed form of the iPhone 11, which includes a 6.1-inch LCD and Face ID. If this somehow happened to deliver in 2022, the iPhone 11 would be over two years of age, which finds a place with Apple’s example of the iPhone SE utilizing old iPhone bodies and screen innovation for certain new interior parts. 

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